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NameCountyCityIndustryRevenue (USD)HeadcountFounded YearDescription
ADVENTURE ROPE (ASIA) LIMITEDADVENTURE ROPE (ASIA) LIMITEDHong Kong2004We sell and process ropes and fibers used in ships, airplanes, and construction. He handles slinging, hooking, and so on.
GLOBAL LINK NETWORK TECHNOLOGY LIMITEDGLOBAL LINK NETWORK TECHNOLOGY LIMITEDHong Kong2013A company that designs, constructs, and maintains servers and network systems. In addition, we are also engaged in the development of communication equipment and the provision of communication services to other companies.
KIND FULL ENGINEERING COMPANY LIMITEDKIND FULL ENGINEERING COMPANY LIMITEDHong Kong2013Contract manufacturing of civil engineering and construction machinery, ship manufacturing, and dispatch of engineers.
FULLY ENGINEERING COMPANY LIMITEDFULLY ENGINEERING COMPANY LIMITEDHong Kong2003A company that conducts railway related business, such as rail maintenance and repair, with a focus on civil engineering, plant design, and bridge construction. He also develops computer systems, produces web pages, and publishes technical books.
GREAT PLEASE LIMITEDGREAT PLEASE LIMITEDHong Kong2003We are engaged in the sale of real estate, mail order, and information provision services. He also works on ground improvement work and construction of custom-built houses. In addition, he is also responsible for the sale of books and magazines.
MILLION FULL INDUSTRIAL LIMITEDMILLION FULL INDUSTRIAL LIMITEDHong Kong2004A company engaged in the design, manufacture, and sales of plant equipment and industrial machinery. We handle various conveyors and conveying equipment, as well as water treatment equipment and dust removal machines. In addition to this, we also perform piping work and various mechanical repairs.
LEADER GLOBAL LIMITEDLEADER GLOBAL LIMITEDHong Kong2015Engages in human resource development consulting, such as planning and research for human resource development. We also undertake information provision and outsourcing of human resource development. In addition, it also supports the construction of personnel systems such as wage systems, personnel evaluation systems, and wage systems.
BILLION SHARP DEVELOPMENT LIMITEDBILLION SHARP DEVELOPMENT LIMITEDHong Kong1990A company that engages in a wide range of construction businesses, including urban development, environmental conservation, and renovation of condominiums. As an infrastructure development business, we also develop facilities such as schools and hospitals. In the civil engineering business, he is responsible for the design and construction supervision of civil engineering and construction work, and also manages group companies.
TELLY LIMITEDTELLY LIMITEDHong Kong< 1M1993He is engaged in the sale, management, and brokerage of real estate. In addition, we also undertake consulting for construction and civil engineering. It also operates group companies, and provides information on solar power generation and electricity sales.
WINDMILLWINDMILLHong KongCommunication Equipment Repair and Maintenance10M - 100M500 - 700Design, install, maintain and inspect fire fighting equipment such as fire hydrants, sprinklers, and automatic fire alarm equipment. It also supports periodic inspections of fire protection objects and preparation and reporting of fire related documents. In addition, he also sells fire extinguishers.
STATE CITY LIMITEDSTATE CITY LIMITEDHong Kong1984Mainly engaged in the construction of public civil engineering and general contract business. In addition, he is involved in the operation of group companies, automobile management, driving agency, and property insurance agency business.
FULL POINT INDUSTRIAL LIMITEDFULL POINT INDUSTRIAL LIMITEDHong Kong1984A company engaged in the planning, design, and construction of gravel and crushed stone plants for commercial and industrial use. We also manufacture and sell sand recovery equipment, sediment sand sorting and processing machines, and machines related to aggregate and sand making.
EASY LEAD LIMITEDEASY LEAD LIMITEDHong Kong1995We are engaged in the general area freight car transportation business, sediment transportation business, and sales of petroleum fuel. In addition, he is in charge of sewerage work, civil engineering work, and water supply construction.
WESTERN LIMITEDWESTERN LIMITEDHong Kong1986Mainly engaged in the sale of textiles and the purchase and sale of real estate. It also conducts construction management of housing complexes, construction and renovation of houses, and mediation of tenants.
WINDO LIMITEDWINDO LIMITEDHong Kong10M - 100M2003He is engaged in the design and construction of public and private civil engineering works, and the operation of music studios. In addition, we also undertake sales of wind power generation equipment and property insurance agency business.
OVER VICTORY LIMITEDOVER VICTORY LIMITEDHong Kong1989Work on traffic safety facility construction, traffic safety facility renovation work, and sales of goods such as flags, curtains, and goodwill. In addition, we also sell property and casualty insurance agency.
STABLE LEAD LIMITEDSTABLE LEAD LIMITEDHong Kong2014Conduct public works such as bridge construction and erosion control work. He also manages the company's “Arugun”, which sells crepe-related products and repellents for cockroaches and mice.
KING'S FACILITIES LIMITEDKING'S FACILITIES LIMITEDHong Kong2011We are engaged in the construction, maintenance, and management of public facilities such as social welfare facilities and educational facilities. In addition, we also undertake consulting on the operation of facilities.
DONMIN LIMITEDDONMIN LIMITEDHong Kong1988Mainly conducts civil engineering and construction work. From public construction to private construction such as condominiums, buildings, and factories, we also engage in welding and machining operations such as building steel structures and shipbuilding. In addition, he is engaged in the sale of real estate and rental management.
EVER PROFIT INTERNATIONAL CORP. LIMITEDEVER PROFIT INTERNATIONAL CORP. LIMITEDHong Kong2005He conducts trade consulting such as trade system construction and business model construction. In addition to the management of blockchain business, he also undertake cryptocurrency trading and business processing.