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NameCountyCityIndustryRevenue (USD)HeadcountFounded YearDescription
PASS UNION COMPANY LIMITEDPASS UNION COMPANY LIMITEDHong Kong1986Mainly engaged in transportation and sale of automobiles, sales of non-life insurance agents, and sewing processing. We also undertake the collection and delivery of industrial waste such as waste plastic, and recycling of metals and other debris.
AIR-LIFE LIMITEDAIR-LIFE LIMITEDHong Kong2002Contracting various operations for airlines such as cargo handling, baggage inspection, and ticket sales. In addition to operating a warehouse business, he also handles vehicle maintenance, casualty insurance agency, and freight freight transportation.
UNION TREND LIMITEDUNION TREND LIMITEDHong Kong1M - 5M2009Mainly engaged in the production of web ads and sales of casualty insurance. He also works on sewing automotive interiors and transportation of automobiles.
HONG KONG MORTGAGE SERVICES LIMITEDHONG KONG MORTGAGE SERVICES LIMITEDHong Kong2006Respond to sales of life insurance and casualty insurance. In addition, he is engaged in consultation on mortgages.
GO BRILLIANT LIMITEDGO BRILLIANT LIMITEDHong Kong1996We are engaged in the sale of new and used cars, car maintenance, and property insurance sales. We also provide information services such as ground improvement work and telephone exchange services for residential land and buildings. In addition, he is also involved in the import and sale of agricultural crops and forest land.
EVER ASSET LIMITEDEVER ASSET LIMITEDHong Kong< 1M1996Conduct real estate investment, real estate management, and financial planning. He also engages in company establishment and consulting services. Other activities include management consulting, real estate leasing, and insurance sales.
UNION POWER PROPERTY MANAGEMENT LIMITEDUNION POWER PROPERTY MANAGEMENT LIMITEDHong Kong1996Mainly engaged in real estate management and security business. The company also operates group companies, and performs property management for companies and stores.
EASTERN CHAMPION LIMITEDEASTERN CHAMPION LIMITEDHong Kong1994He is engaged in the sale of real estate, rental, and management of real estate. It also conducts business such as collection, distribution, and processing of corporate publications, and providing information services using the Web. In addition, he also handles non-life insurance agency business and photographic studio business.
CHAMPION ASSET LIMITEDCHAMPION ASSET LIMITEDHong Kong1997Mainly engaged in real estate management and property insurance agency business. In addition, it also deals with architectural design and financial planning.
QND LIMITEDQND LIMITEDHong Kong2010It is a company that manufactures and sells dental laboratory products such as ceramics, welding, and whitening. In addition, the company also operates a web shop, and handles products manufactured by group companies.
JOY CORPORATION LIMITEDJOY CORPORATION LIMITEDHong Kong2008Mainly engaged in the manufacture of threads for tatami mats and tatami mats, wholesale and management of sewing threads, and the operation of a school. In addition to public works ordered by government agencies, we also undertake casualty insurance agency business.
TIME LEAD LIMITEDTIME LEAD LIMITEDHong Kong2006From planning to construction of civil engineering and architecture, he is engaged in welding and canning. It also conducts real estate transactions, such as the sale and sale of land and buildings. In addition, we also support non-life insurance agency business.
GENERAL PROJECT LIMITEDGENERAL PROJECT LIMITEDHong Kong< 1M1989Mainly engaged in transportation of automobiles. It also conducts real estate leasing, non-life insurance agency, and civil engineering design and construction.
DOUBLE VICTORY LIMITEDDOUBLE VICTORY LIMITEDHong Kong1992Holds shares in companies that sell real estate, and also engaged in mail order business.
HONOUR WIN INTERNATIONAL LIMITEDHONOUR WIN INTERNATIONAL LIMITEDHong Kong1993Publishes and sells baseball, soccer, and theater lectures. It also conducts casualty insurance agency business and advertising agency business. In addition, he is also engaged in the sale of concert tickets and goods.
L'AIR COMPANY LIMITEDL'AIR COMPANY LIMITEDHong Kong1999A company that engages in the contract of technical and management operations of group companies for aircraft maintenance and management, and recruitment of engineers for aviation related operations. He also handles a wide range of operations, including non-life insurance agency services for airlines, and support the acquisition of flight licenses.
BILLION DUTY LIMITEDBILLION DUTY LIMITEDHong Kong1M - 5M1989It is a company that mainly transports cargo such as apparel products and miscellaneous goods. In addition, the company also conducts trade agency services such as warehousing and inventory management, and general insurance agency services such as auto insurance.
POWER PACK LIMITEDPOWER PACK LIMITEDHong Kong1992Engage in the operation of group companies that sell electricity, and the operation of temporary staffing and non-life insurance agencies. In the employment support business for people with disabilities, it is characterized by the fact that it is working on the education system “Employment Continuation Support Type A”.
GROUP PACIFIC LIMITEDGROUP PACIFIC LIMITEDHong Kong2005Trade in trade and import and export cargo. It also manages the business of the shipowner. In addition, he also handles non-life insurance agency services.
PRIME VALUE INTERNATIONAL LIMITEDPRIME VALUE INTERNATIONAL LIMITEDHong Kong1993A company that provides international business agency services, foreign currency exchange management services, and foreign currency insurance sales. We provide services to facilitate international transactions in general domestic trade, as well as foreign currency exchange services such as virtual currency and germanium.