Explore ultimate list of 1108 oil companies in Singapore


Explore ultimate list of 1108 oil companies in Singapore
Assess the development of Singapore oil companies

In Singapore, the future consumption of oil will increase due to key factors such as a strong economy, population growth, and fuel economy. The dependence on oil is further expected to increase as the country’s infrastructure continues to heavily rely on petroleum-based products.

The oil companies in Singapore are also undertaking several investment plans to cater to the increasing demand for oil and products. Government policies and support related to the exploration and production of oil are playing a major role in the industry and encouraging the companies to boost Singapore oil investments.

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Singapore Oil Market research identifies that the competition continues to intensify year-on-year. 

What are the types of oil companies in Singapore

The oil companies in Singapore are categorized into three main segments: upstream, midstream, and downstream.


Upstream businesses contain firms concerned with the exploration and production of oil. These are the firms that explore the planet for stores of the raw materials then drill to extract that material. These firms are often mentioned as "E&P" for "exploration and production."

The upstream segment is defined by high risks, high investment capital, extended duration because it requires a long time to locate and drill, also as being technologically intensive. Essentially, all income and earnings report line items of E&P companies are directly connected with oil production.


Among oil companies in Singapore, midstream businesses are people who are concerned about transportation. They're those liable for moving the extracted raw materials to refining factories to process the oil. 

Midstream companies are described as shipping, trucking, pipelines, and storing of the raw materials. The midstream segment is also characterized by high regulation, particularly on pipeline transmission, and low capital risk. The segment is additionally naturally hooked into the success of upstream firms.


Downstream businesses are the refineries. These are the businesses liable for removing impurities and converting the oil to products for the overall public

What oil companies are the best in Singapore?

Trafigura is one of the biggest oil companies in Singapore

Trafigura is one of the best oil companies in Singapore

Trafigura is one of the best oil companies in Singapore

Trafigura Group Pte. Ltd. is a Singaporean multinational commodity trading company founded in 1993 that trades in base metals and energy.

At Trafigura, physical commodities are sourced, stored, blended, and delivered reliably, efficiently, and responsibly anywhere within the world. The corporation also values the worldwide trade of natural resources with exceptional service and performance across the availability chain.

Year established: 1996

Revenue: US$147 billion (FY2020)

Shell Eastern Petroleum (Pte) Ltd

Shell Eastern Petroleum (Pte) Ltd

Shell Eastern Petroleum (Pte) Ltd

First established in Singapore in 1891, Shell Eastern Petroleum employs in the region of 3,000 workers. They are regarded as being industry leaders within the petroleum industry and are continuously exploring new opportunities for a greener future. The company is credited with playing a significant role in Singapore’s economic and social growth over the years.

Founded year: 1981

Puma Energy is one of the biggest oil companies in Singapore

At Puma Energy, their purpose is to 'energize communities' and to assist drive growth and prosperity by sustainably serving their customers’ energy needs in countries around the world. To the present end, Puma Energy focuses their business around their customers – doing everything they will assist them. The company does that passionately and responsibly, day in, outing across the world.

Puma Energy

Puma Energy

Founded year: 2011

Revenue: >100M


Established on 2 April 2007, PetroSeraya Pte. Ltd is the physical oil trading and tank leasing arm of YTL PowerSeraya Pte. Limited. 



PetroSeraya offers commercial oil terminal operations by managing and maintaining the whole fuel-related assets of the Pulau Seraya power plant. Besides, the corporation plays a key role in managing the Group’s fuel purchases which constitutes a part of the facility generation cost. 

Founded year: 2007

Revenue: 10M-100M

Singapore Petroleum Company

Founded in 1969, SPC has interests in oil and gas exploration and production, refining, terminalling and distribution, marketing, and trading of crude and refined petroleum products.

To strongly uphold the core values of “Integrity, Initiative, Safety, and Harmony”, SPC regularly reviews its corporate governance processes to conduct business professionally, ethically and safely, thus delivering excellent value to customers. SPC is committed to repeatedly look after people and therefore the environment by supporting community activities and providing more environmentally friendly products.

Founded year: 1969

Revenue: >100M

Pacc Offshore Services Holdings

Pacc Offshore was first incorporated in 2006 and have quickly established themselves as the largest operator of offshore support vessels in Asia with a fleet of over 100 vessels. They need a market capitalization of $266.6 million and permanently employ around 300 people. Several of their vessels are on long-term contracts within the Arabian Gulf, and that they are continually exploring expansion possibilities round the world.

Founded year: 2006

Pacific Oil & Gas

Pacific Oil & Gas

Pacific Oil & Gas

Pacific Oil & Gas form a part of the RGE Group which features a strong presence in Asia with bases in Singapore, Beijing, Nanjing, Hong Kong and Jakarta. The corporation began in 1967 and still supplies vital parts to companies working within the oil and gas sector. They need assets of over US$20 billion and a strong workforce of around 60,000 individuals.

Founded year: 1967

Falcon Energy Group

The Falcon Energy Group was established quite 30 years ago and has been registered on the Singapore stock market since 2004. Falcon is considered playing a prominent role within the regional offshore oil and gas sector and has worked in conjunction with companies like Shell, ExxonMobil, Halliburton and Total. 

Founded year: 2004

RH Petrogas Limited (RHPL)

RH Petrogas Limited

RH Petrogas Limited

RHPL is heavily involved with the exploration and development as well as the production of oil and gas from their four outlets in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and China. The company is growth-focused and continually looking to strengthen its position as an independent company within the sector in the Asia region. The company was incorporated in 1987 and employs around 1,400 people and has a market capitalisation of $11.75 million with revenue over $88 million.

Founded year: 1987


TechnipFMC was established in Singapore in 1999 and provides “all of life” services to the oil and gas sector. In 2019 they generated revenue of $13.4 billion. TechnipFMC provides an in-depth range of services to the industry from providing pipe-laying vessels to diving support rigs. The corporation was within the top five Global Top Employer awards in 2015.

Founded year: 1999


Singapore has become one of the foremost important shipping centers in Asia and is usually listed together with the world’s top three oil trading and refining hubs. Output from the oil and gas and petrochemical industries here in recent years was valued at US$60 billion but it's expected to decrease thanks to fluctuating oil prices, unexpected diseases, and global geopolitical issues.  

The changing landscape of the industry would require oil companies in Singapore to take a position heavily in new technologies including digitization which will enable them to raise, define and develop promising reservoirs while sustaining production for mature fields. Also, technologies that cater to industries that deal in chemical engineering systems, LNG equipment, oil and gas processing equipment, and pipeline engineering are expected to be the best prospects within the years ahead