List Of 1,466,566 Companies In Hong Kong - Updated 5/2022| Revenue, Employees, Emails, Address

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NameCountyCityIndustryRevenue (USD)HeadcountFounded YearDescription
Filmwith LimitedFilmwith LimitedHong KongProfessional, Scientific, and Technical Services2012He works from planning to production and distribution of films such as' No Flower Forest.'It also takes pictures and videos, and sells DVDs by mail order.
Good Busy International LimitedGood Busy International LimitedHong KongManagement, Scientific, and Technical Consulting Services1999We provide consulting services for overseas expansion, such as visa application agency and trade permit procedures. In addition, we respond to consultations on overseas business in general and import/export.
Victory Great LimitedVictory Great LimitedHong KongEducational Support Services1993Provide information on semiconductors, semiconductors, and electronics industries. He also engaged in the publishing business of semiconductor manufacturers and newspaper editing. In addition, it also supports web sales and real estate purchases.
Health Base International LimitedHealth Base International LimitedHong KongEducational Services1996Mainly engaged in health checkup planning and overseas trade business. It also provides information on overseas travel.
Fully Faith International LimitedFully Faith International LimitedHong KongInternational Affairs1993A company that provides international transportation services for corporations and individuals. In addition to freight transportation, he also handles trade operations such as import and export and customs clearance. In addition, he also conducts seminars on overseas business, overseas expansion support, and overseas consulting.
Sheriff Group LimitedSheriff Group LimitedHong KongBusiness, Professional, Labor, Political, and Similar Organizations2008Perform security, cleaning, and maintenance of buildings. It also includes anti-mildew construction, disinfection, and weeding work. Other undertake management of grocery stores.
Forever Good Development LimitedForever Good Development LimitedHong KongHealth Care and Social Assistance2007Conduct contract research such as urban redevelopment, research on technology development, and human resource development. He also manages companies that provide research and development, education and training, and management consulting.
Resource Nice LimitedResource Nice LimitedHong KongEducational Services1997Engages in contract sales of housing, real estate sales, and real estate consulting. It also organizes seminars on housing and real estate. In addition, he is also involved in the provision of information on housing and building transactions and real estate investment.
Able Force Development LimitedAble Force Development LimitedHong KongAerospace Product and Parts Manufacturing1989It is mainly characterized by working on 3D modeling, inspection, and mold design. We also undertake production of prototypes such as automotive parts. In addition, we are engaged in the assembly of industrial machinery and equipment, and the education and training of industrial engineers.
Point Talent Investment LimitedPoint Talent Investment LimitedHong KongInvestment Advice1993It is a company that invests in venture companies, etc., and provides support for M&A and capital policy. The investment target is a variety of industries, including IT-related, medical, and commercial facilities. Our strengths include investment in unlisted companies and the like.
Gumling Investment Company LimitedGumling Investment Company LimitedHong KongProfessional, Scientific, Tech. Services1980Engage in real estate management, real estate investment consulting, and brand management. It also manages and operates subsidiary companies and invests in real estate.
Creature LimitedCreature LimitedHong KongPortfolio Management1987He is engaged in the operation of a call center that mainly deals with information on the sale of pharmaceuticals and health foods. We also undertake system development, provision, and consulting. In addition, he also handles mail order and information provision services via the Internet.
Classic Development LimitedClassic Development LimitedHong KongAircraft Manufacturing5M - 10M2003Publish books such as practical books and problem books. He also handles information processing services and information provision services using the Internet. In addition to developing game software and mail order sales using the Web, we also support the planning and production of digital contents.
Both Fine LimitedBoth Fine LimitedHong KongChemical Manufacturing2004It is a company that manufactures and sells contact lenses and dental laboratory products. In addition, he undergoes public work and civil engineering work.
Real Point LimitedReal Point LimitedHong KongOffices of Real Estate Appraisers2004Engaged in real estate sales and sales operations such as new construction, used housing, and condominiums. It also develops real estate consulting services such as real estate investment, asset management, and inheritance measures. In addition, he also handles real estate buying and selling procedures and property insurance agency.
Re Two LimitedRe Two LimitedHong KongCommercial and Institutional Building Construction2007In addition to housing construction and renovation work, he also works on public works such as river improvement work and water supply and sewerage work. We also undertake brokerage services for buying and selling real estate and renting.
Harbour Works LimitedHarbour Works LimitedHong KongWater and Sewer Line and Related Structures Construction< 1M1968It is a company that conducts civil engineering and construction work. We undertake public works such as roads and water and sewerage, field maintenance, coastal conservation and disaster prevention measures, and private construction such as building residential land and factory land. In addition, he has several patents related to the installation of wells.
Golden Frame LimitedGolden Frame LimitedHong KongPrinting Ink Manufacturing< 1M1989He engraves names on souvenirs such as trophies and decorative items such as caricatures and family crests. In addition, we carry out nationwide shipping of products by mail order. In addition, we undertake the processing of printing on metals, glass, pottery, etc., and printing on wood.
Friendly Karaoke Box LimitedFriendly Karaoke Box LimitedHong KongElectronic and Precision Equipment Repair and Maintenance1998A company that rents and sells karaoke equipment. In addition to providing large-scale network services such as karaoke boxes, it also operates restaurants such as catered dishes and izakaya (lunch boxes). In addition, he is also involved in the operation of internet cafes and night business.
River Wide LimitedRiver Wide LimitedHong KongSales Financing2007In addition to construction work such as road improvement work, we also wholesale agricultural machinery such as tractors and rice planting machines, and fertilizers such as sweet corn and calcium. The company also collects and sells sediment, crushed stone, and mountain sand. In addition, the company also manufactures and sells recycled aggregates through recycling.